3 Knife Trimmers

Perfecta founded in 1896, has upgraded the trimming process again and again by innovative designs, and has developed into a specialist for cutting technology in the graphic arts industry. Having 100 years of experience in guillotines and 60 years in three-knife trimmers, Perfecta is not only the oldest but also one of the most innovative producers of professional, highly sophisticated cutting systems in the world today. Perfecta is rather unique in that it is large enough to have the latest manufacturing technologies, but retains its vision of custom appilications
for your special projects.

This vision, and manufacturing process, coupled with Perfectas quest in providing only the latest and greatest in electronic circuitry for durability and safety, insures that Perfecta trimmers are a reliable foothold for your profits and quality throughout the cutting process.


A robust universal machine for off line trimming.  Easy to operate, change over, and maintain.  Can be set up in continuous or return operation. Optional two/three up spliting device.

Front View

Back View

Trim Star 80/110

Information coming soon!