Baumann BASA Automatic Jogging System


Min size

Max size


17" x 24"

30 1/4" x 42"

BASA 6/7

22" x 26"

49 1/2" x 65 3/4"

BASA 8/10

27 1/2" x 39 1/4"

60" x 80 3/4"

What is BASA able to do?

BASA is the first system in the world which is able to align and jog sheets automatically

BASA is the missing link in the field of automatic cutting

BASA removes the human aspect of the jogging process



BASA meets two important business requirements:




Where is a BASA useful?

Where high production volumes have to be processed

Where large-format sheets have to be processed

When ergonomic restrictions demand an automatic jogging process

When the cutting-process is to be automated


Which materials can be processed by BASA?

All papers with a grammage of at least 60 g/m (for smaller grammages we strongly recommend testing at our facilities)

Various types of label papers

Chipboard up to a grammage of 300 g/m

Foils (provided that they do not stick together and that there is no static electricity)

Plasticized materials

Perforated and embossed paper and cardboard


Modes of operation

BASA is equipped with two different modes of operation:During the automatic operation, the BASA processes a skid of material without any operator's assistance and provides the jogged and aligned llifts in the desired height for further processing.For critical materials and small issues the BASA has been equipped with a manual mode of operation, working similar to a traditional jogger.

Examples of application

In-line Solution

The jogged lifts are taken out of the BASA and transported directly to the high-speed cutter. The lift is transported out by a transport-gripper system, putting the lifts down on the cutter's front or rear table.

Off-line Solution

An unloader with an integrated gripper system takes the jogged lifts out of the BASA and restacks them onto a pallet. During the restacking process, air-boards, sheets of cardboard and / or separating strips can be inserted to facilitate the subsequent destacking process.



Perfecta 132 TS-AWR with Baumann BASA and unloader

Perfecta 168 TS-AWR with Baumann BASA, APS, and unloader