Perfecta TSE Computer

Available on every Perfecta 76 paper cutter is theTSE computer. The TSE is CIP 3 enabled right out of the box.         

Other features on the TSE include:

  • 15 inch full color graphics touch screen
  • CIP 3 ready,CIP 4/JDF capable
  • USB port for additional memory, transfer of jobs, or software updates.
  • Ethernet connection for networking
  • Wireless option
  • Smart Clamp option
  • Operator prompting for simple programming
  • Self diagnostic computer
  • High speed and accurate servo drive positioning system
  • Table light
  • Cutting light
  • Calculator
  • Programmable automatic knife
  • Programmable automatic clamping without cutting
  • Lubrication counter
  • Cut counter
  • Supports most languages and measurement units
  • Help screen

Combos are no problem for the TSE  

Labels with or without gutters... No problem for the TSE

Programming can be accomplished wireless, hardwire, via USB stick, entered with touch pad, or simple cut and store

CIP 3 Software Loaded!!! 

The display changes as the sheet changes... for error free cutting.

Simple, easy to understand error messages.