Perfecta UC Computer

Available on every Perfecta 76 paper cutter is the UC computer. Features on the UC include:

  • 6 3/8" Color LCD display
  • Up to 6000 positions within 250 programs
  • Self diagnostic computer
  • High speed and accurate servo drive positioning system
  • Table light
  • Cutting light
  • Calculator
    • Programmable automatic knife
    • Programmable automatic clamping without cutting
    • Lubrication counter
    • Cut counter
    • Several languages and measurement units
    • Help screen

    6 3/8 Inch Color LCD Display Screen††

    The Data screen monitors hours, knife strokes, cuts per day, and informs the operator when knife change and lubrication is due.

    Simple, and†easy to understand

    Programming is quick, to the point, and simple